Galway All-Ireland Champions 2017
Galway – All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions 2017
September 17, 2017
Sam Maguire-Dublin
Sam Maguire – Dublin
September 20, 2017
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Liam MacCarthy – Galway


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Liam MacCarthy – Galway

A celebration of Galway winning the Liam MacCarthy Cup as the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions on five separate occasions – the perfect gift for the Galway Hurling fan. Commissions on other County teams on request.

County Galway

The city’s name is from the river Gaillimh (River Corrib) that formed the western boundary of the earliest settlement, which was called Dún Bhun na Gaillimhe (Fort at the mouth of the Gaillimh). The word Gaillimh means “stony” as in “stony river” (the mythical and alternative derivations are given in History of Galway). Historically, the name was Anglicised as Galliv, which is closer to the Irish pronunciation as is the city’s name in Latin, Galvia.

In common with many ancient cities, it has its own origin myth. According to this mythic version, Galway is named after Gaillimh (Galvia), the daughter of a local chieftain, Breasail, who drowned in the River Corrib. The surrounding area became known as Áit Gaillimhe (Galway’s Place).

The city also bears the nickname “The City of the Tribes” (Irish: Cathair na dTreabh) because “fourteen tribes” of merchant families led the city in its Hiberno-Norman period. The term tribes was often a derogatory one in Cromwellian times. The merchants would have seen themselves as Irish gentry and loyal to the King. They later adopted the term as a badge of honour and pride in defiance of the town’s Cromwellian occupier.

Residents of the city refer to themselves as ‘Galwegians’ and, to a much lesser extent, ‘Tribesmen’.

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