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Conor McGregor Euro Coin Baby!

So Conor McGregor wants his face on a Euro Coin. Here at we ask – sure why not?

As you know we are big fans of the Crumlin native here on and we even featured the newly crowned UFC Featherweight Champion on one of our artworks, which you can purchase HERE.

Conor McGregor Euro Coin – Oireachtas Petition

A petition to have McGregor’s image featured on the €1 coin was deemed inadmissible at the Oireachtas today as the petitioner could not be contacted. And before you ask, no it wasn’t us.

In a sensational year, in which he claimed the featherweight title after an explosive 13-second knockout victory over Jose Aldo in December, McGregor tweeted prior to the committee meeting: It would be a true honour for me to be immortalised on the €1 coin! Thank you to my fans for the petition! Let’s go Oireachtas! #VoteYes.

But committee chairman Pádraig MacLochlainn TD revealed that they were unable to contact O’Leary and as a result couldn’t proceed. Well, we didn’t want it to end there so this afternoon we mocked up what we think the €1 Coin might look like… I hope the big man approves.

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