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Irish Country Magazine feature

Irish Country Magazine feature and in particular our range of Greeting Cards in their current April edition with Una Foden on the cover.

Irish Country Magazine contacted us about two weeks ago for a quick interview to get an insight into how our company came to be, the personnel behind it and what influences our work. We were delighted to oblige and having seen the results today in print, it’s fair to say we are pleased as punch with the outcome!

Irish Country Magazine feature

Irish Country Magazine, as they put it, is a game-changer of a magazine. Here, for the first time in the Irish market, is a home grown, exquisitely illustrated, emotionally intelligent lifestyle magazine for contemporary, thoughtful women. With the latest fashion and beauty news, especially when it’s about upcoming Irish designers and home-grown brands, is equally as important to her as health and emotional wellbeing.

Thank you to ICM Assistant Editor Klara Heron for the feature piece which you can read on page 120 & 121 in the current April 2016 edition. Alternatively if you’d like to take a look at our card range, you can do so HERE.

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