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Irish Sporting Legends 1-9

This week I’ve decided to try something different; a break from the norm. Instead of the usual typographical designs I’ve gone in a different direction with Irish Sporting Legends 1-9.

Like most Irish natives, I love my sport. Football, Rugby, Golf, Snooker, Hurling – I’ll basically watch more or less anything with a ball. It’s this passion for sport that lead me towards the idea of producing a range of artworks inspired by some of the greatest sporting legends that this county has produced.

But where and more particularly who to start with? Well, firstly I’m a Aston Villa fan and have been since about 1990. The reason – one Paul McGrath. An Irish sporting icon and my personal sporting hero. So Paul was always going to be my number one but what of the other nine..?

Irish Sporting Legends

This is a hard call as we have so many wonderful sporting icons to choose from. Katie Taylor…Brian O’Driscoll…Roy Keane the list is endless. Over the next nine weeks I hope to put together my personal nine Irish Sporting Legends, not in any particular order, just nine whom I consider the greatest. I hope you agree.

Please continue to check back in over the coming weeks to see if you agree. Feedback always welcome, and as ever, requested designs are continually welcomed!

Irish Sporting Legends – Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath


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