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Primary Planet profile designer Ronan Ward

When Primary Planet came calling requesting an interview with our graphic designer Ronan Ward for their January publication, we were more than happy to oblige.

We got a call during early December wondering if we’d be interested in an interview for one of Ireland’s leading Children’s Magazines to talk about graphic design and our background in business, naturally we were more than delighted to help and offer some insight into our experiences as a new Irish startup.

What is the Primary Planet?

The Primary Planet is Ireland’s first children’s news magazine. News, sport, music, entertainment, and politics are some of the many topics featured in this exciting publication each month. With a readership of over 60,000 children a month, The Primary Planet is connecting with today’s readers, tomorrow’s leaders!

The Leitrim based publication is aimed at the senior classes, (8 to 12 year olds), it is a children’s monthly newspaper style glossy magazine. It contains 40 pages of fresh, topical and up to date features each month.

What does The Primary Planet do?

The purpose of The Primary Planet is to bring news, sport and entertainment to children in a language they understand and in a manner they can easily relate to. It also encourages children to read and write for a purpose, providing opportunities for them to contribute to the magazine and engage with our readers. Their website provides a publishing platform for all contributions, as well as a forum for opinion, further reading and multi-media extension.

A big thanks to Editor Stephen Keane and Sales Representative Padraig Fitzsimons for the opportunity to contribute to the publication – wishes you both continued success. Below are some external links about the publication if you wish to learn more.

Official Homepage
Twitter Account

Primary Planet

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