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Rise by Dom Browne

As our country enjoys the 1916-2016 celebrates we are delighted to feature a new and exciting piece Rise by Dom Browne on

Rise by Dom Browne

Rise, an original artwork by Kildare artist Dominick ‘Dom’ Browne, commemorates 100 years since the 1916 Easter Rising Rebellion in Dublin. The original painting is 6ft x 2ft and is now available to purchase as prints in various sizes from 

Rise, is acrylic on board with multiple layers of imagery reflecting the GPO as it may have appeared over Easter weekend 1916 along with an image of the GPO as it appears today. Dom used Jim Larkin because of the iconic pose to evoke feelings of rebellion and pride and because he co-founded The Irish Citizen Army, thereby contributing indirectly to the Rising.  

Dom Browne

Dom Browne is an artist who grew up in Johnstown, Co. Kildare. From an early age he showed a keen interest in art; painting murals in his house, drawing posters for golf clubs and numerous  commissions of caricatures and cartoons for various businesses in Kildare.

A self taught artist, he created his own portfolio, after secondary school, and was accepted into the 3 most prestigious colleges in Ireland for courses in graphic design, visual communication and animation. 

He declined each of these, however, opting instead for travel, where he found himself always drawing pictures and painting murals for bars, hostels and for friends around Europe and the States. After getting his Diploma in Film Production and Management, in Ballyfermot, and directing some music videos for local bands, Dom taught art in Youth Reach, Naas for 3 years where he was proud to say all his students passed their exams at the end of each year.  

Missing the vagabond life, he returned to the road where he has been since – painting bars and hostels around the great cities of Europe, such as Vienna, Prague and Berlin, stopping back into Ireland for Christmas and his friends’ weddings! On his latest visit to Ireland, Dom decided to commemorate the 100 year celebration of the 1916 rising, with a large airbrushed painting, because he felt it was just too important to not to celebrate a vital turning point in Irish History.

Dom Browne Murals


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